ARGiP TECHNOLOGIES Tools for vet and biosafety analysis ARGiP TECHNOLOGIES Outils d’analyse vétérinaire et de biosécurité ARGiP TECHNOLOGIES | Herramientas para el análisis veterinario y de bioseguridad
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Tools for vet and biosafety analysis
Vet and Biosafety tools
ARGiP Technologies - The Company

Story of ARGiP Technologies includes people, passions and dreams that will changed the global compounding industry.

ARGiP Technologies was founded in 2014 near Cardiff, Wales (UK), thanks to shared will of a group of European entrepreneurs.

Their self-confidence, their trust in their own expertise and the audacity of their ambitions make ARGiP Technologies the British innovative company in the technologies and raw materials for diagnostic, cosmetic and food complements use.

Argip Technologies Company

Since 2014, ARGiP Technologies has continuously expanded its market presence, always meeting all customers needs.

ARGiP Technologies has its registered office in Bridgend and production site in Whitland.

ARGiP Technologies is provided with warehouses dedicated to storage of laboratory equipments, raw materials, and with production area in a total surface of over 1.500 sq.m.

With advanced logistics system, integrated management of operations and customized process optimization software, ARGiP Technologies is a company market-oriented, efficient and attentive, able to compete on both British and foreign markets.

ARGiP Technologies. We produce quality innovation.

Argip Technologies Production Line

ARGiP Technologies - The Quality

Quality is one of ARGiP Technologies key strengths, due to the professionalism of the ARGiP Technologies staff and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.

Laboratory and Production staff have extensive knowledge and experience in:

- the validation of analytical methods and cleaning procedures;

- equipment approval;

- periodic environmental checks in production areas;

- stability studies carried out on finished products to guarantee long term quality for the stock.

Quality control laboratory operates along with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO requirements, in order to assure full of their products and the highest quality of all raw materials.

Quality Assurance department operates independently in order to assure full compliance with the requirements of GMP, ISO 9001 and in all company sectors (production, purchase, quality control, final product, sales and post-sales assistance).

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification guarantees, nationwide and Europe-wide, the application of the “good manufacturing standards” assuring a high quality in the purchase, breakdown, quality control and batch release of all raw materials.

The achievement of GMP certification is a paramount way to state worldwide the excellence of quality “Made in Wales”.

ARGiP Technologies. Quality made in Wales.

Argip Technologies Company Quality

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